A Canada based Hospital Management Software. It is an ongoing project. The software designed to manage all the areas of a hospital such as medical, financial, administrative and the corresponding processing of services.


Rokeya is basically a women security based Android, iOS and desktop application. Using this application police officer can help a women who faces unpleasant circumstances. By tracking victim’s location police officers can take action immediately.  At the same time, victim can be able to send the message to the nearest one with location

E-Notify Web Application

The BBS E-Notify is a web application based on Java that utilizes an intuitive user interface that makes imputing and editing records fast and efficient. This program provides a graphical user interface that allows an admin to input all information and store it electronically to exterminate the need for using paper records. This program uses a client/server based model. The client is what the admin uses add project’s records as well as edit them. The client program will communicate with a PostgreSQL database in Apache Tomcat server that saves all the information each project. The information saved in the database is about every project which receive services from DSS.


It’s a customizable user-friendly client based online web application where user can creates advertisement, assign its time slots & can schedule it for broadcast. Here admin have full authority to give permission which ads can broadcast. Here user can see daily report & get the total revenue & total advertisement duration. User can also print the report. Here we also provide an android application where user get the latest update. If new add is added to the list admin can get the notification. Here admin can also see the total number of ads are added to the list in which ads are schedule for broadcast.